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Japanese Testimonials

Ms. Kiyomi Okubo from Shibuya, Tokyo

The Nano Mist is life changing! After only one bottle, my skin was clearly firmer, my wrinkles far less noticeable, and my complexion appeared clearer. I felt rejuvenated and radiant. I am truly amazed.



Ms. Utami Adams from Honolulu, Hawaii

Years of playing tennis, going to the beach, and mountain climbing subjected my skin to strong UV rays that left it feeling dry and depressed. After using the Nano Mist, not only did the dreadful ‘scaly’ texture fade quickly but the wrinkles and bags around my eyes practically disappeared. Everyone, from my family to coworkers, are complementing me on my youthful appearance!



Ms. Etsuko Itabashi from Tochigi, Japan

As I approached fifty, I was ready to give up on youthful skin. I kept telling myself that it was OK to look my age. But then a friend turned me on to NNNY Skincare. The results have been WOW. I followed the NNNY routine meticulously, and I’ve seen noticeable results. I use the Nano Mist once in the morning, two or three times during the day, and once at night. Since I don’t usually wear makeup, I spray the Mist regularly on my problem areas and massage in upwards to feel an instant lift. I love that the mist is also portable, and I can apply easily wherever and whenever I want. It’s so great to hear people tell me I look young.






T.Y (40s) from Tokyo, Japan

I brought my NNNY skin care products to my mother and had her try them because of her concerns about aging. After her first application, she told me that she felt the product penetrating her skin and making a difference. She and I are both extremely happy, thank you so much!

Ms. Keiko Otsuna from Shibuya, Tokyo

Dear Nishio-sensei,

Your products are the best gift one could give themselves and I am so grateful. At night, I spray Nano Mist on my face and then apply the Nano Whiteen to keep my skin moisturized throughout the night and into the morning. During the day, I can apply the Nano Mist a few times over my make-up and I don’t have to worry about my complexion feeling or looking dehydrated. I can’t let your products go!

Ms. Kikuchi from Yokohama, Japan

Dear Nishio-sensei,

I spray Nano mist on every morning and night and I can feel my skin getting softer and more resilient. I can’t wait to see how my appearance will continue to change this coming year. My face and body feel much younger and I am enjoying my life more confidently every day.

Ms. Ryoko Fukushi from Katsushika, Tokyo

My skin has become more hydrated since I started using the Nano Mist. This product is absolutely amazing.


Ms. Mitsuko from Yokohama, Japan

It was always difficult (and embarrassing) for me to apply makeup over my wrinkles. Now I don’t even need to wear makeup because my skin has become resilient and reinvigorated thanks to NNNY.

Ms. Iida from Shibuya, Tokyo

It has only been a week since I started using NNNY, but my skin already looks more radiant, and my blemishes have gone away! My friends tell me that I look much younger, and I was really happy to hear that the product was already working in a noticeable way.