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About NNNY

There are two keys to vibrantly healthy skin:

Routine and Treatment

NNNY sits at the intersection of both, which is why we are Japan’s most exclusive skincare brand.


The Ethos

Our brand is built on a belief in minimalism—that less truly is more.

We believe that gently cleansing and moisturizing the skin does far more for your beauty than applying a cabinet-full of creams, balms, masks, and sprays.

That a bathroom littered with toners, exfoliators, and astringents is simply unnecessary for a busy professional like you.

And we know that pure, natural botanicals sourced from the most pristine places on Earth are better for your skin than anything else.

At NNNY, we don’t conceal, we heal—we invite your skin to repair itself from the inside out.


The Products

NNNY is a company rooted in nature.

Our products feature the finest ingredients from the four-corners of the Earth.

Hand-picked by NNNY founder, Yuko Nishio, these ingredients are used for the simple fact they are what is undeniably best for your skin.

Although ingredients like Mozuku seaweed from Okinawa, Yuzu lemon from Tokushima, or wild cherry blossoms from the Izu Islands are not easily obtained, Yuko has made a conscious choice to use them.


Because they are the very best.

These are ingredients that maximize rejuvenation, reinforce natural resistance to damaging UV-light, and encourage your skin to glow.

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