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Meet Yuko

Yuko Nishio

Meet NNNY Skin Care Founder:

Yuko Nishio

Yuko Nishio is the founder and innovator behind NNNY Skincare.

Yuko’s journey to crafting Japan’s most-exclusive skincare products started more than 20 years ago, when she was the CEO of her own highly-celebrated modeling agency.

As CEO, Yuko traveled with incredible frequency, taking her models from photoshoot to photoshoot all over the world. After years of this incessant travel, Yuko began to notice a change in what had always been her flawless skin:

It seemed tired and worn—burdened by work, parenthood, and age.

When she looked in the mirror, she didn’t see taut, youthful skin. She saw redness, dryness, and sun damage.

Dark circles and growing wrinkles.

But as frustrated as Yuko was with the sudden arrival of “age” in her face, it actually wasn’t her main concern.

Yuko’s biggest worry was reserved for her models, whose faces formed the backbone of her agency.

The same changes Yuko had been noticing in her face—the dryness, the redness, the fine lines and dark circles—were starting to show up on her models.

In an industry where looking your absolute best is non-negotiable, Yuko’s models were aging prematurely—burned-out by the lengthy travel schedule, excessive UV-exposure, and the hours and hours of makeup required to get ready for each photoshoot.

Determined to solve this fundamental challenge, Yuko started studying the science of skincare—how everything from air quality, to hydration, to diet impacts appearance.

In particular, Yuko became fascinated with the study of epidermal anatomy, taking that fascination all the way to the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute in Philadelphia, where she would learn how natural plant extracts could not only prevent the visible signs of aging, but also repair skin damage.

Through her studies, Yuko developed a series of treatments that not only helped rejuvenate her models skin, but also reinforced their natural resistance to both damaging UV-light, and various environmental pollutants.

Yuko's success in developing treatments for professional models who need to adhere to the highest skincare standards, helped her become a skincare celebrity in Japan. It also helped her become the preferred esthetician for A-List celebrities, Hollywood makeup artists, monarchs, and foreign dignitaries.

Today, Yuko is known as an expert in epidermal anatomy, Japan’s foremost esthetician, and owner of the exclusive Nature Sage Salon in Tokyo, where she treats no more than two clients per day, reservations can only be made through a referral, and the location is not disclosed to the public.

With NNNY, Yuko is taking the very same exclusive treatments used in her Nature Sage Salon, and making them available to consumers outside of Japan for the first time.